IF-Olivia Bedroom Collection


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Revitalize your bedroom with the charming and affordable Olivia solid wood bedroom set in a captivating taupe color. This comprehensive set includes the Olivia bed, Olivia dresser with mirror, Olivia nightstand, and Olivia chest, providing all the essential pieces for a stylish and organized space.

Crafted with durable solid wood, the Olivia bedroom set offers long-lasting durability at a budget-friendly price point. The Olivia bed serves as the centerpiece, featuring a sturdy construction and an inviting taupe finish that adds a touch of elegance to your room. The platform design eliminates the need for a boxspring while providing a modern look.

The Olivia dresser boasts six spacious drawers, offering ample storage for your clothing and accessories. The accompanying mirror adds functionality and style to your daily routine.

The Olivia chest provides five additional drawers, ensuring you have plenty of room to keep your belongings organized. The Olivia nightstand features two drawers, providing convenient storage space for your bedside essentials.

The serene taupe color of the Olivia bedroom set sets a calming ambiance and complements a variety of decor styles, making it a versatile addition to your bedroom.

Complete your dream bedroom with the affordable Olivia solid wood bedroom set. With its durability, ample storage, and tasteful design, the Olivia set combines practicality and style to create a comfortable and organized space.


6pc set: 3pcs bed, dresser + mirror, nightstand

7pcs set: 3pcs bed, dresser + mirror, chest, nightstand

8pc set: 3pcs bed, dresser + mirror, chest, 2 nightstands

*Mattress not included*



This bed is made of a solid wood blend and reinforced throughout the frame for added support and study foundation The base of the bed is made up of several slats creating a platform style frame which removes the need for boxsprings



The Olivia bedroom set features a contemporary design, blending sleek lines, a captivating taupe color, and functional storage solutions. Strong slats are placed in the middle of the bed to provide even support for a durable bed


Double Bed 79″ 56″ 50″
Queen Bed 84″ 63″ 50″
King Bed 84″ 78″ 50″
Dresser 59″ 16″ 33″
Mirror 40″ 1″ 39″
Chest 32″ 16″ 44″
Nightstand 22″ 16″ 24″


Product Details

Availability  In stock

6pc set: bed, dresser + mirror, nightstand

7pcs set: 3pcs bed, dresser + mirror, chest, nightstand

8pc set: bed, dresser + mirror, chest, 2 nightstands

Material Solid wood blend
Colour Taupe
Condition Brand new, factory direct
Warranty 1-year manufacturer warranty
Assembly Required Yes
Options King, Queen, Double
Package Pieces 3-7
Boxspring Not Required


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