Baltimore Charcoal Bedroom Collection


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Introducing the Baltimore bedroom collection, a seamless combination of sturdy frame and deep storage. The instantly noticeable solid wood frame has a darkened charcoal grey which gives this bedroom a distinctive, strong look.
Starting the tour with the bed of the collection, the Baltimore comes with a tall curved Sleigh headboard with a 3-detailed panel design. The Baltimore bed contains reinforced platform foundation slats which removes the need for any boxsprings, though one can always be added to increase the height or support. A big attractive feature of the Baltimore bed is the deep storage drawers in the footboard. The heavy-duty full extension gliders of the drawers allow them to be much deeper and longer while supporting more weight.
The next pieces of the Baltimore bedroom collection are the dresser and mirror. The size of the Baltimore dresser matches the lore of the collection, it is large in length, width and height. The sturdy solid wood allows its dynamic drawer arrangement with 4 long drawers at the bottom and 3 versatile drawers at top. The Baltimore dresser contains a secret jewelry drawer hidden behind the middle top drawer for discreet valuable storage. The mirror of the Baltimore collection has sleek distinct curves and a clear wide reflection.
Following the tour of the Baltimore case goods leads us to the standing chest and nightstand. The Baltimore standing chest has 5 deep wide drawers and very sleek distinctive curves and carvings. The Baltimore nightstand contains 2 dynamic drawers, a deep drawer in the bottom and a versatile drawer on top. The bottom drawer appears as 2 drawers from the outside but is actually one deep drawer for taller items and deeper storage. The top drawer of the nightstand is not as deep as the bottom but contains a secret hidden jewelry drawer behind the panel for discreet valuable storage.

6pc set: 3pcs bed, dresser + mirror, nightstand

7pcs set: 3pcs bed, dresser + mirror, chest, nightstand

8pc set: 3pcs bed, dresser + mirror, chest, 2 nightstands

*Mattress not included*



This bed is made of a solid wood blend and reinforced throughout the frame for added support and sturdy foundation The base of the bed is made up of several slats creating a platform style frame which removes the need for boxsprings



Built to last, the bed comes with 2 front drawers and a smooth sleigh style headboard made to blend in to any aesthetic furniture design Strong slats are placed in the middle of the bed to provide even support for a durable bed


Queen Bed 91″ 63″ 57.5″
King Bed 91″ 88″ 57.5″
Dresser 18″ 65″ 40.5″
Mirror 42″ 2.5″ 36″
Chest 18″ 40″ 54.5″
Nightstand 18″ 29″ 30″


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6pc set: bed, dresser + mirror, nightstand

7pcs set: 3pcs bed, dresser + mirror, chest, nightstand

8pc set: bed, dresser + mirror, chest, 2 nightstands

Material Solid wood blend
Colour Charcoal Grey
Condition Brand new, factory direct
Warranty 1-year manufacturer warranty
Assembly Required Yes
Options King, Queen
Package Pieces 3-7


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